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Aquatic Businesses

After some years as a swim teacher, a coach, and/or an aquatic administrator, you may decide to own your own business. You will become an Aquapreneur*, a person who believes he or she has the ability to operate a successful aquatic business.

Begin your aquapreneurial efforts with your strengths—some area in which you have both competence and enthusiasm.

Swim School in your Pool

• If you have success in administration, consider starting a pool management company. You can use your expertise in organization and management to contract with pool groups (private neighborhood associations, country clubs, small city park departments, etc.) to manage their facilities. You could be in charge of the whole operation (staffing, programming, etc.) or just the water quality aspect (filters, cleaning, equipment maintenance, etc.). If a pool management company appeals to you, focus on Section 1 in Aquatic Businesses text and CD.

• If your greatest interest and competence lies in teaching and/or coaching, then controlling a pool where you can organize and administer your own program will probably be your goal. The least risky venture would be to rent an existing pool. Leasing a suitable facility is the next option, while building a facility is a very difficult, expensive and stress-producing project. Section 2 in the Aquatic Businesses text and CD provides a comprehensive step by step plan for achieving your goal.

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Swim Shop

• A retail store specializing in swimwear and equipment is found in most locales where a pool or lake or beach is found. You undoubtedly have experience in purchasing aquatic goods, either locally or through the internet. A locally-based swim shop that offers great service and quality goods at competitive prices can successfully compete with the national chains. A swim shop can be housed within your pool site or can be in a separate location. Section 3 in the Aquatic Businesses text and CD discusses this opportunity.

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*The term aquapreneur was coined by Ralph Johnson, PhD, in an article in JOHPERD in the 1970s. It is used here with permission.

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